Saturday, September 11, 2010

Having fun with physics - 3D minigolf

During my summer holidays I happened to hear that JigLibFlash, a 3d physics engine for Flash, had been ported to JavaScript. So when I get back to work my hands were itching to get to code some demos with it.

After a few weeks of coding I am happy enough to present you WebGL Minigolf: The game is fully playable with 9 different holes.

Space: Hold down to shoot
Left and Right arrows: Aim
Up and Down arrows: Zoom in and out
Left mouse button + mouse: Move camera around

The physics engine is still under development and there are not even a pre-release available yet, but with a little debugging I was able to get the current version working acceptably.

YouTube video is available here.

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  1. could you advise some tutorial to writing such applications please